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주로 처음하는 챔피언이나 그 챔피언으로 새로운 라인을 갈때 룬을 확인할 수 있고 스킬 선마등을 확인할 수 있어서 굉장히 편했습니다.
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Knowing OP.GG as the leader of this world of LOL infos, I expect much more. I look forward into the developing of this application and I will suggest and help as much as possible.
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처음하는 챔피언 콤보를 알 수 있습니다.
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responsive and pretty well designed

@An**Virus @MidN**htRain @M**n @Mu**q @데**닉 @사용**명 @승** @𝐈 𝐎**𝐀 @ro**y @ni**tin @Ad**tivation @Th**Digital Dude @Zⱥ**հyre @ki**N; @ア**ドレ・エンリケ / Mariano @It**ason @Dr**Who? @Lu** @MH** @J**e l @Ra**rS @kl** @Th**arKnight @Y0** @De**aVape 🆎 @Ra**iller1 @Is**ah @Da**hi @Mi**Eric64 @NE**EKO @Ku**shyna @Pa**rie @ko**ka @Sk**3nt @Gu**avo Gomes @Dh**ggie @fr**98 @DB** @Sh**py @ho** @Lu** @gu**iermes @RU**Rez @Av**age Spud @Di**leballs @Ly**h30 @53**g DaBuuu @AF**CCOUNT @ig**cy @Kr**enslayer @ja**er5704 @to**gon @Sa** @mi**r_kai @15**284014 @ha**eymank @Ta**ze @Ze**o @Bä**ran @Je** @Mu** @Ho**a @Wi**ed @cc** @Ni**and31 @Ab** @Ze**indedPerson @ME**PERA @Fu**an Ulçayo @no**rm2191 @al**? @Ex**a @Dy**el @0x**414141 @Br**Pat @Mu**ache Man227 @jo** @Fr**in @Za**r @SA**R @Ko**ouvetsios @Fl**ardones @Io** @LU** @ar**ria @Ma**oud Attia @mo**tek @2l** @8a**Yaga @IG**eUPolio @ネ**ロ @na**ndioxide @Sl** @수** @Sp**dy @Hy** @D**vilXx666 @Bi** @d0**ri @Ni**90 @Lu**a @Fa**nsurri @Ya**🌙 @se**io30212 @👁**👁✨ @Da**ey @Ma**e @je**e @Tr**tana main @Dy**n B @M0**iB @Ma**04PL @ng**quang @dm**23 @So**EaTeR @Tr** @Ta**n @So**chiago @un**en @F4**EN @At**s @Te**ee @ঔৣ**𝓐𝓓𝓡𝓘𝓐𝓝࿈✞ঔৣ @Dy**n (-IIVX-) @QF** @Ha**x @Su**emacy @HJ**ky @Vi** @tr**hful_lie @Sh**oGami @Oj**iwo @Na**yaR @Th**Dex @wa**ie @ja**lao @da**n @So**yMaker @Og** @Ah** @Qu**tum @𝒮**𝓊𝓇𝒶? @莫**ruto @U**A @Ra**y @Ju**Ranker @ze**ig @km**i @!**lentin @Ra**h79 @Ad**an Terczyński @Ge**gis13 @gu**ioon @br**k @Pä**rick @ke**bite @In**ngADCurry @Lu**yP @LÖ**PS @pi**a on pinabble @Ch**Levy @Ne**ar @Dm**_99 @Su**rior123 @ii**oala @ma**efrm53 @Ca**vaggio @Sa**eats @Ec** @nh**k @Ou** @Ex**iel @Cy**ide @s1**le @雞** @ch**oicodangso @Ta**is @Sa**t Chan @PP** @br**23 @˞˞**˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞king @Kh**ed @Š**nik @e9**q7a4z1 @Br**d🦊fox🍞 @斑**Sagit @Th** @so**n @Th**cry @Br**y @Bi**lover @敢**不敢当💖 @Su**ho @tr**t @ap** @da**esks @aB**escreen @wr**hofnmd @su**spartalol @Be**h @Ko**zhi @Le**o 64 @IL**c i a n a @AD** @Na**less @Po**pops @Vo**er43 @Sy**i @ma**t @Cr**os24072 @Th**ilGibby @Mo**azyousry @Bl**Dragon @ja**vvw @Dr**heJAKEMAN M.D @oh** @s0**yf0rkill @Tw**ch Turnbomb @En**iiuus @AT** @Ka**nte @..** @b.**a.a.a.a.a.a.a.b.s.a.a. @wu**saud77 @꧁༺**͜͡ৡ҉정҉༒҉후҉ৡۣ͜͡ৡ༻꧂ @** @유**원 카타리나 @꧁༺**͜͡ৡ҉vxbi00ৡۣ͜͡ৡ༻꧂ @채** @문**진 @호**무사

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